What’s coming up for ARC in 2023

3 min readJan 17, 2023


As a leading provider of Web3 development solutions, ARC is excited to explore all the upcoming additions we have planned for this year. This will highlight the numerous exciting developments and integrations planned for the upcoming year.

Q1 2023

Our primary focus will be on extensive backend updates as we plan to expand our APIs and database to support more chains and prepare our codebase for the introduction of an in-house AI assistant and collaborative features. By the end of the quarter, we aim to complete the UI API upgrades on the ARC Reactor, which will pave the way for further groundbreaking integrations in Q2.

Our ongoing closed beta user-testing campaign has been running in parallel with the development of these new features. The feedback from users has been invaluable in shaping our future plans, and we look forward to continuing this dialogue throughout the year.

During this period our focus for the Crypto Command Console is on doing extensive market research to identify the most pressing updates needed for our DeFi Ecosystem. This research will guide the decisions made over the upcoming DeFi releases later this year.

Q2 2023

In Q2 2023, we will progress with multiple integrations across the ARC Reactor. We will also focus on rolling out other core partnerships that have been planned, with more details to be announced closer to the date. Additionally, we plan to implement a team interface that will allow developers to share a live Web3 IDE and collaborate on projects seamlessly.

In parallel ARC will be gearing up for the release of an overhauled swap, Swaps 2.0 which will be updated using the research compiled in Q1 2023. We’ve prioritized the update of our Swaps over our Farms and NFT Marketplace as Swaps is our most popular DeFi offering.

Q3 2023

As we move into Q3 2023, our focus will be on creating custom contract templates and blueprints that can be used to get standard projects started most efficiently. At the same time, we will be working hard to complete the first version of our error detection and alerts AI, and further expand our list of supported EVMs. Details regarding which chains and functionality will be integrated will be announced closer to the time.

Please be advised that our staking and governance platform, will not be accessible to residents of the United States as well as other sanctioned regions. All US based and other sanctioned region IP addresses will be blocked from accessing our staking protocols. This is done in an effort to remain as compliant as possible with regulatory bodies.

By Q3 2023 our DeFi ecosystem will feature an overhauled Swap and we’ll shift our attention to overhauling our Farms and NFT Marketplace according to our Q1 research. Along with Farms 2.0, ARC will be launching its synthetic token, $stARC. Farms 2.0 will allow users to earn $stARC for staking their $ARC tokens.

Q4 2023

Wrapping up 2023, we will release a marketplace for Reactor libraries and 1-click integrations for our ever-growing list of partners. While continuing to build up Reactor’s core functionalities, parallel work will commence investigating Web2 use cases.

At this point, our DeFi ecosystem will be nearly entirely overhauled. Our focus will shift to removing roadblocks for a larger user base by releasing Fiat-on-Ramp 2.0 which will target Web2 users migrating to Web3.


Overall, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for ARC and our customers, as we continue to push the boundaries of blockchain technology and bring new and innovative solutions to the market.




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