How To Buy The $ARC Utility Token

3 min readJan 26, 2023


Good news! The process is relatively straightforward if you’re interested in purchasing the ARC token. The first step is acquiring a cryptocurrency supported by ARC swaps, such as Ethereum ($ETH). You can purchase $ETH on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.

Once you have acquired your ETH, you need to transfer it to your personal Ethereum wallet. This can be done through the exchange you purchased the ETH on or by using a separate wallet service, such as MetaMask.

Once you have your ETH in your wallet, you are ready to start swapping for the ARC token. The easiest way to do this is to use ARC swaps (, which is a quick and cost-effective way to trade your ETH for the ARC token.

To use ARC swaps, you will need to connect your MetaMask wallet to the ARC swaps platform. This is done by clicking on the ‘login’ button and confirming the connection through Metamask. Once your wallet is connected, select ETH as the token you’re swapping, and ARC as the token you wish to receive. You will be able to see the current exchange rate for the ARC token and the amount of ETH you need to send to receive the desired amount of ARC tokens.

Next, you will need to swap your ETH through the ARC swaps platform. This process may take up to a minute to complete, but once it is done, you will receive your ARC tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

If you cannot see the tokens in your wallet it’s likely because you haven’t imported the ARC token into MetaMask. To import the ARC token into MetaMask, open MetaMask and select ‘import token’.

From here, insert the following information:

Token Contract Address: 0xc82e3db60a52cf7529253b4ec688f631aad9e7c2
Token Symbol: ARC
Token Decimal: 0

It’s important to note that you should always double-check the address before sending any cryptocurrency to make sure you’re sending it to the correct place. Also, please be aware that the price of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and can change quickly, so it’s always wise to check the current exchange rate before making any trades.

Purchasing the ARC token is a simple process that can be done quickly and easily through the use of our swaps. By following the steps outlined above, you can acquire the ARC token and become a part of the growing community of users and developers building on the ARC platform.

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