ARC+ Set to Revolutionize Digital Asset Management with Upcoming Launch

3 min readJan 10, 2024

The upcoming launch of ARC+ on January 16, 2024, signifies a considerable progression in the field of digital asset management. With a monthly fee of $9.99, the ARC+ comprehensive subscription service aims to provide sophisticated tools and insights, fostering a proactive and informed approach to digital asset management.

Innovative Security and Insightful Analysis

In the digital asset domain, security holds paramount importance. ARC+ addresses this need by offering continuous portfolio monitoring and 24/7 security alerts. These measures enhance white-hat expert-level smart contract safety checks, ensuring robust security for all subscribers. Furthermore, subscribers who integrate their Telegram or Discord accounts will receive Security DMs from Archimedes, enabling interactive chat conversations with the proactive AI. This feature ensures that subscribers are well-informed about potential threats, market shifts, and the structural integrity of their digital assets. Advanced analytics complement these features by providing in-depth insights into market trends and asset performance.

Exclusive Access to Emerging Opportunities

The ARC+ subscription includes the benefit of receiving alerts about potential ‘gem’ tokens, affording an opportunity to recognize promising assets before they gain widespread recognition. These insights stem from a dedicated team of market specialists who focus on uncovering high-potential opportunities.

Early Access to Innovations

Priority access to all new feature releases of ARC ensures that subscribers are equipped with the most current tools and information, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital asset market.

Comments from the CEO

TJ Dunham, CEO of ARC, commented on the launch, stating, “The introduction of ARC+ marks not just the release of a new service but the beginning of a new era in asset management. ARC+ combines advanced security features with unparalleled market insights to support subscribers. The objective is to furnish subscribers with essential tools and information for a confident and secure approach to managing digital assets.”


The introduction of ARC+ is a pivotal moment in the field of digital asset management, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and insights designed to support a strategic, informed, and secure approach. Features such as continuous portfolio monitoring and 24/7 security alerts are setting new standards for security and insight in the digital asset realm. The industry is invited to witness this innovative service on January 16, 2024 when it goes live on For more information go to




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