ARC’s Learn-to-Earn Program is Launching Soon!

2 min readMay 9, 2024


Get Rewarded for Your Active Engagement

We’re super excited to introduce our innovative Web3 on-chain Learn-to-Earn program! This initiative rewards you for actively contributing to our community while unlocking exciting new opportunities. We’re dedicated to providing a dynamic and rewarding experience for our Web3 community.

How the ARC’s Learn-to-Earn Program Works

  • Quests: Learn-to-Earn centers around completing quests, which are sets of actions like updating your profile, making trades, or checking notifications.
  • Rewards: Each completed quest earns you Experience Points (XP) and potentially other rewards.
  • ARC Tokens: A key part of the program is the ARC token. The more ARC tokens you hold, the more rewards you can earn for your participation.

Earning Rewards: A Unique System

ARC’s reward system is designed to ensure both fairness and encourage long-term engagement.

Here’s how it functions:

  • Points and Conversion: You’ll earn points for your quests, and once you hit a certain amount, you can convert them into $StARC tokens (another type of token within the program).
  • Exponential Decay: The reward conversion rate isn’t fixed. As you earn more points, a “decay factor” kicks in. This means you’ll get the biggest rewards boost at the start, encouraging consistent participation over time.

Types of Quests

Here are some examples of the quests you will be able to find in the Learn-to-Earn program:

  • Profile Setup: Update your basic profile information.
  • Trading Actions: Perform trades on the app.
  • Engagement: Check news and notifications, use the ARC chat feature.
  • Social Connection: Connect your social media accounts.

Stay Tuned!

ARC’s Learn-to-Earn Program is coming very soon. Keep an eye out for the official launch and the link so you can start earning rewards for learning and actively using the ARC platform.

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