Archimedes’ Upcoming Updates Will Make It Your Strategic Partner in Asset Protection

3 min readJan 5, 2024

In a landscape where digital assets are increasingly complex and vital, Archimedes emerges as a strategic ally. This platform is committed to safeguarding assets through AI-driven analysis, insights, and comprehensive safety checks.

Objective Research and Live Search Capabilities

Archimedes offers live search functions, enabling users to conduct objective research and engage in chat-based audits. This feature is critical in navigating the prevalent challenges of rug-pulls and dead-end projects within the digital asset domain. Archimedes facilitates a streamlined approach to understanding the complexities of the digital market.

Expert-Level Smart Contract Safety Checks

A key aspect of Archimedes is the Smart Contract Safety Checks. Executed at a white-hat expert level, these checks are integral in maintaining the security of digital assets. Archimedes boasts a deep understanding of smart contracts, analyzing potential issues and interpreting nuances for a comprehensive examination of possible exploits.

Advanced Security with ARC + Subscription

The ARC + subscription offers an enhanced layer of security. It provides continuous portfolio monitoring and round-the-clock security alerts, reinforcing the whitehat-expert level smart contract safety checks. Subscribers receive timely updates on potential threats, market dynamics, and the integrity of their digital assets. Additionally, ARC + includes advanced analytics, offering detailed insights into market trends and asset performance, empowering subscribers to make well-informed decisions.

Multichain Audit

Responding to community requests, Archimedes is proud to introduce the Multichain Audit feature. This extends our robust audit functions across various blockchain platforms, enhancing our ability to safeguard your assets no matter where they reside. This much-awaited feature allows users to enjoy peace of mind, knowing their investments are protected across multiple chains.

Insights from ARC’s CEO, TJ Dunham

TJ Dunham shares his vision for Archimedes, emphasizing the commitment to empowering users with necessary tools and knowledge for asset protection.

“Archimedes is more than a technological platform; it’s an assistant designed for the safety and prosperity of our users. By leveraging our advanced AI infrastructure, smart contract safety checks, and now the Multichain Audit, we ensure our users are well-prepared to secure their digital assets effectively.”


Archimedes stands as a proactive, strategic partner in the realm of digital asset protection, offering sophisticated tools and services for maintaining the security and integrity of investments. For more information, please visit or contact




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