ARC Announces Upcoming Launch of Cross-Chain Swapping and Enhanced Limit Order Capabilities

3 min readJan 12, 2024

ARC, recognized for its integration of AI tools to enhance the Web3 experience and security, is preparing to launch its latest innovations: cross-chain swapping and new limit order capabilities on the Ethereum Mainnet, with the release date set for January 16, 2024. These forthcoming features are anticipated to contribute significantly to the advancement of digital asset trading, providing streamlined and efficient transaction options.

Future Innovations in Digital Asset Trading: Cross-Chain and Limit Orders

SwapsAI’s upcoming cross-chain feature will enable seamless token swaps across seven supported blockchains, ensuring optimal rates for users. This feature will be enhanced by an instant audit of target tokens and a unique in-audit chat facility with the platform’s digital assistant, Archimedes.

In a significant addition to its platform, SwapsAI is set to introduce a new limit order feature on the Ethereum Mainnet. This upcoming functionality will include a comprehensive in-app price chart, offered in various viewing options, enabling users to analyze digital asset values over different time frames. Alongside this, the feature will facilitate order fulfillment based on real-time market prices, adding a layer of precision and convenience to digital asset trading. Additionally, the introduction of a one-click option for users will simplify the process of selling assets at prices close to market values.

Statement from ARC’s CEO

ARC’s CEO, TJ Dunham, shared his perspective on these forthcoming features: “The launch of these features are a testament of ARC’s commitment to delivering advanced and retail-focused solutions in the decentralized finance sector. This move is not just a technological advancement; it represents a significant step toward making digital asset trading more accessible and secure, for all parties.”

Future Developments and Contact Information

With a dedication to continual innovation, SwapsAI is actively working towards adding support for more blockchains. For additional information, interested parties are encouraged to visit or contact the team via email at




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